Search By Scripture

Jesus, the Son of Man

John 6:44, 12:34–43

People in Jesus’ day often had questions about Him. They knew what Moses had written. They understood the Bible. But their teachers had given them additional teaching which didn’t always correspond with what Jesus was doing or teaching. This raised doubts like men have today, but those doubts were serious barriers.

Jesus, the One for All

John 12:20–33, 16

The Holy Spirit is referred to as the Helper or the Comforter. He is here to help you understand that Jesus is the one for all. As you read the Holy Bible, God’s Word, the Holy Spirit will open the eyes of your understanding so that what you read will make sense. But you must have a heart that genuinely wants to know the truth.

Jesus is King

Psalms 119:89, Matthew 2:2, John 12:12-19

In this study from the book of John, three affirmations are given that Jesus is King. Many people who lived on this earth with Jesus acknowledged that He was more than just a man living among them. Do you believe that He is King?

Jesus and True Love

Matthew 22:38, John 12:1-11, 1 John 4:19

Mary, one of Jesus' good friends, demonstrated what true love is like. She expressed her love to Jesus with a very costly gift.

Facing the Facts

Psalms 67:3, John 11:1–16, 11:47–57

It is important that we go to the right source in search of facts. This is especially true when searching for the facts about Jesus. John 11:47-57 gives some insights about facing the facts.