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You Can’t Stop God

Exodus 7:1-13

Hope does not mean we ignore the conditions. Hope means to rise above them. It means to trust in One who controls all conditions. There is no hope except in God’s Word and in faith in God, unstoppable and good.

God Does Not Forget!


How long does it take to put a plan into action? People need time to make choices, for or against God and His ways. God does not forget. His plan is in action. What proof do we have? Listen to find out!

How Much Can You Endure?

Exodus 5:15-23

The burdens of life come in many ways. Are you exhausted? How much can you endure? Take courage from the experiences of people recorded in the Bible. God’s strength and wisdom were available to them, and they had to access it by faith, too. Will you?

Watch What You Say!

Exodus 5:1-14

Have you ever spoken and wished you had waited, or not spoken at all? What were the results? What if you talk back to God? Should you be more careful than Pharaoh? Yes! God is good. So to try to stop God is a very bad idea. Stopping good and doing evil brings very bad consequences.

Is God Angry With You?

Exodus 4:10-23

Have you ever asked someone to do something? Did you offer to help them? Were there people counting on you? Did they still refuse to help? Moses said ‘no’ to God and angered Him, but God gave even more help.