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Weighing Evidences

Psalms 119:89, John 9:24-34

In some areas of life, we are often very slow in admitting or accepting the evidences which are available to us. Often we are stubborn, or reluctant, sometimes rebellious about weighing evidences that may be right in front of us. So it was in Jesus’ days in the text in John 9:24-34.

Measuring Values

John 9:13-23

What are the things you value in life? Is it money, clothing, land, or some other tangible possession? How much value do you place on your relationships with other people? Sometimes we are puzzled to know what is the most important thing in life, but we can turn to God's Word for help to discern what things are the most valuable.

Establishing Reasons

John 9:1-12

“Why?” is an important question. It gets to the central issue. "Why" leads us to the reasons for whatever exists. Many never bother to ask why, but God has given us minds with which we can think. We have the right, therefore, to establish the reasons for our actions.

Why is Jesus Supreme

John 3:16, 8:48–59

There are certain people who look to Jesus as a great teacher, an outstanding reformer, or as a prophet ranking with Moses. Christians believe that Jesus is much more than a teacher, reformer, or prophet. They believe He is the Son of God.

Some Important Comparisons

Psalms 119:89, John 8:37-47

In everyday life, we learn by comparing one thing with another. To make comparisons is a good way to learn because what we don't know we can compare with what we do know.